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Laurence Stephen Lowry is one of Britain's most popular 20th Century artists. His paintings and drawings are immediately recognisable, and need no introduction, and his work is at the centre of the imagery of 20th Century British art.

Paintings and drawings by Lowry are very valuable today, and while originals are beyond the reach of most people, Lowry prints make wonderful additions to a collection.

Lowry signed over 35,000 lithographs and reproduction prints of his paintings and drawings during his lifetime, most of which were published in his later years. There are at least 54 known editions of signed prints, and 16 known editions of signed lithographs.

There are also around 33 unsigned limited edition prints which are recognised by the art world as significant Lowry reproductions. A total of over 33,000 copies of these prints were published.

There are countless other reproductions of Lowry works printed in various sizes and published in open editions, but these generally only have value as decorative items, and are not available from LowryPrints.co.uk, nor are any listed here.

Our LowryPrint website was set up to offer a selection of Lowry prints for sale. The site also features information about L. S. Lowry, and a comprehensive listing of all Lowry's signed prints, and other important contemporaneous and later unsigned limited edition Lowry prints.

If you are looking for a particular print, please contact us to register your interest, and don't forget, we are long-established dealers, and we buy Lowry prints too.

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